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Even if the pace is very small, we should move forward step by step
It feels good to work secretly, without complaining or complaining. Make small changes in yourself so that when you say goodbye to yourself, you can say to yourself, "It was great, I got over it."
Perfection is the most taboo thing in the world. Look at the moon on that day, once it is complete, it will soon be wearied; The fruit of the trees, once ripe, will soon fall. In everything there is always a little deficiency to hold on to.
There's no need to rush. It will always happen , at the right time and with the right person, and for the right reason.
If everything is going well, then it's not life at all.
You must enjoy your own company. The upside: You don't have to twist yourself to conform or please others.
I won't talk about height in front of people who are not tall, I won't talk about weight in front of people who are overweight, I won't show love in front of people who have just been lovelorn, and won't talk about parents in front of unfortunate family members. Because I know nothing can be felt, can only respond with gentleness.
我会注意不在个子不高的人面前谈身高,不在体型偏胖的人面前谈体重,不在刚刚失恋的人面前秀恩爱,不在家庭不幸的人面前谈父母。不是因为这些不能谈,而是因为我知道任何事都不能感同身受,只能报以温柔。People may give up a lot of people and things in this life, but the most terrible thing is to give up yourself.
There are many unhappy things, but few people can tell them.
When you suddenly don't have any desire to share happiness and sadness with him, which was probably the beginning of the end.
It's a pity to give up, but there is no point in holding on to some things.
Love is a response to everything.
Why don't you fall in love,Because there is no love at first sight.Nor any patience of growing love .
No matter how weeping I experienced last night, the city is still busy when I wake up in the morning.
I like a paragraph: the initial contact depend on appearance, long-term contact look atdepend on temper, life contact depend on character. Time is a good thing, which proves people's heart and character.
I hope you wake up in the sunshine every day, and won't affect your mood because of a few words, expressions and behaviors of others. Live a good life, and you will always meet good things.

The vulnerability of adults: they always want to go home.
All the answers you give me are what know, but not what I want.
You can buy your own gift, but if there's someone gives you a gift, you will feel different.
I have a lot of negative energy, but the world is negative as well. I can only put them away and put on a proper masks.
If you give too much, you will get what you want. If you want nothing, you will be sorry.
If there is no love, then love yourself more, even if you have loved someone bad, it does not prevent you to find a better one.
No one can accompany you for a lifetime, so you have to adapt to loneliness; No one will help you all your life, so you have to work hard.
Buy the things you want, go the places you want, and do the things you want
After all the stories are told, you will find that the lover is not the hero in the fairy tale, but the fellow traveler we later choose to ebjoy life together. He will not come to save you in the storm, but gently remind you to take an umbrella before you hanging out.
后来大家轰轰烈烈的故事都说完了,你会发现爱人其实不是踩着七彩祥云的盖世英雄,而是我们后来选择的同路人,是一起去柴米油盐里观赏人生的人,他不会在狂风暴雨中赶来救你,而是在出门前轻轻提醒你 “要记得带伞哦。”

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