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“双十一”与“黑色星期五” [复制链接]

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As we all know, "Double 11" is the biggest shopping festival in China and shopping website T-Mall just created history once again by hitting a record high of 268.4 billion RMB in sells. Other shopping websites, like JD.com, also made more than 100 billion during this period. "Double 11" shopping festival and its creator, Internet giant Alibaba led and witnessed the rapid development of e-commerce in China. But the concept of the shopping festival was not originally emerged in China. It was an imported concept inspired by American's "Black Friday" shopping festival. We're quite familiar with the infamous "hand-chopping" "Double 11" shopping festival already, but what about its ancestor "Black Friday"?
Question - What is Black Friday?
The Day After Thanksgiving (Friday) is known as Black Friday. This used to be unofficially or officially the start of holiday shopping season. Almost all stores come out with Doorbuster Sales with the early bird special to attract consumers to their shop. People stand in line hours before the stores are opened, to grab the bargains of the year. In last few years, we have witnessed a trend towards bringing those Black Friday Sales online before Friday.
Black Friday is no more a one-day event
Door buster Sales
"Doorbuster" is a common name given to retail store special prices that normally are offered on high-demand products for a limited time in limited quantities.
Early bird special
According to Barry Popik, a language expert who’s contributed to several well-regarded dictionaries, the first written record of the term dates to a July 12, 1904, advertisement in the long-defunct Morning Oregonian advertising an “Early Bird Special.” It didn’t have anything to do with food, though — the notice hyped a special sale on “men’s summer underwear” at a former Portland department store called Olds, Wortman & King.
根据曾为几部颇受好评的词典撰稿的语言学家Barry Popik的观点,该词最早的书面记录出现在1904年7月12日的一则广告中。不过,这则广告和食物并没有任何关系——这则广告其实是在位于波特兰一家名为Olds, Wortman & King的百货商店里大肆宣传“男士夏季内衣”的。
“Early bird specials” similar to the 1904 Portland sale became popular in the 1930s, when they almost always referred to special sales held during the first hours after a store opened. They usually featured a limited amount of merchandise, which were sold on a first-come, first-served basis.
Question – What does Black Friday mean?
"Black Friday" relates to businesses recording their losses in red ink and gains in black. This tradition lives on in modern accounting software, hence the name.
Question – What about the Friday that Christ was crucified?
Question – The Friday that the Knights of Templar were arrested?
Question – Sept 24, 1869. Wasn’t this also Black Friday?
Question – Do other countries have “Black Friday”?
Question – When do Retailers Officially Publish their Advertisements?
Most ads are published in the newspaper on Thanksgiving Day. (The day before Black Friday). But more recently, many stores are starting to publish their Black Friday Ad early in November or sometimes they leak it even in October. Some stores then have additional black Friday doorbuster items that they only reveal on their website.

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