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Growing up is painstaking, for one’s value structure keeps on collapsing, and over and over to rebuild it from scratch.
Living itself is not painful, but from our unlimited desire; mind does not need to be so tiresome if we don’t put down the worries.
There is a key decision right in love, and that is to terminate the relationship.
What is the most challenging is when you see through someone’s having a crush on you, but try to figure out the way to turn down with the least damaging.
When most of the people approve, I will not join that business, while if most people approve, I will take that clothes.
The sharp knife of the mind is hidden in sleeve; the Spring breeze of the eyes pours on the gentle of the face.错过的人与事,不必频频回首;结痂的疤痕,无须反复触摸。
The missed out people and things need not turning back often; what has become scarred, don’t repeatedly touching it.
该吃吃,该睡睡,爱谁谁 。饶了别人,也放过自己。
Eat and sleep as it is time to, and love when you feel so. Parton the others and let go yourself.
Remember for long the time we were together, so nice. Even the grinding trips I took to meet with you were very nice too.
Beg nobody for something that money can buy; do it yourself for something just need some labor.
My silence is because I don’t want to tell the hurting truth, nor to lie.
Mind wide as the endless ocean, eyes bright like the star with some curiosity and tricky, and smile like a child.
My missing thoughts start dancing at midnight, and burn into ashes before the light of dawn shines in.
When I feel good, I go play ball with friends, when I am not, I read.


只看该作者 沙发  发表于: 2018-07-17

Having talents is similar to be pregnant, it takes a while for the others to realize.
其实人跟树是一样的,越是向往高处的阳光,越需要向下扎根。 Actually, a human is similar to a tree, the more you long for the sunshine on top, the more you need to root down deeply.
The unique characteristics of a successful people are in both persistent as a mountain, and brisk as water.
What situation is the leaking roof has whole night non-stop rain? When you are low and down, there are so many bad people.
There will always be disappointing in living, but our never changing goal keeps up from not to be without hope.
The shadow of the cloud floats with the water; when encounters with the drifted flower, suddenly having a crush on it.
If your seductive eyes are not for the blind; why then keep your young body fat?
Only those who spent the time with your bumpy time in life, deserve your spiritual love.
The tears in the wondering nights, nothing but just pushed out by the alcohol and needs not be concerned for its melancholy, for it may be what I am deserved.
All these ups and downs in life, can you, the one like the fairy tale, travel with me to far away and bury them all together?
The self-cultivation in life starts from willing to do and enjoy to bear.

只看该作者 板凳  发表于: 2018-07-17

In smiling can be merciful, it helps to melt the worries in the mind of the others.
如果一个人没有信念,何从能有美德? Should a person have no faith, where can he have virtue?
Don’t get entangled for the presence, nor overly worry for the future. Life is like seasons, each has its own scenery.
Since your parting, I no longer wish to find someone to tell my pain, nor seek to share the joy.
If you choose a conservative way, then you can only realize a narrow goal.
虽然风景年年依旧,而流光一去不回头,无论是归入沧海,还是归于山林,简单地做自己就好。Although the scenery remains the same each year, but time has been passed, either returning back to the ocean, or to the mountain, just stay being the simple yourself will be just fine.
You did ask but never got an answer. Loving you should not be just verbal, what you wish will be my command for the rest of my life.

只看该作者 地板  发表于: 2018-07-17

When we first held the hands, I wanted to tell you, this can be good for a life. But what happened later I don’t remember nor I have told you I have once felt so.
敷衍表示谎言已经开始 冷淡表示感情即将结束。Brushing off means the lie starting, cold shoulder means the relationship is about to end.
Painstaking is the perception for people, not the object itself.
When a relation starts, people feel there must be a blessing from their good deed in the previous life, but after married, they start to wonder what cursing thing they have done in the previous life.
泡酒吧的男人是找刺激的,而女人,多半是受过刺激的。 A man likes hanging at the bar for excitement, while women are there because of being abused.
做个像石灰一样的人,别人越泼你冷水,你的人生就越沸腾。 Live like the quicklime, the more people splash cold water on you, the more you boil.
Regardless the ending, appreciate all the encounters. Love them even there will be parting, still don’t fail the fate of encountering.只有到了这种心境,人生才豁然开朗:三十功名尘与土,八千里路云和月。
Only when arriving to such level, life thus turns clear: The thirty years of pursuing self accomplishment, just soil and dust; life has been a journey of eight thousand miles of cloud and moonlight.经目之事犹恐未真,背后之言岂能全信。
Even witnessed by your own eyes cannot be all true, how can then to trust words from the third party?
We are stuck with the illusion of the faraway dream, and mess up proceeding steps; admire the happiness of the others, and overlook the joy by our side.
There are so many outstanding heroes, I don’t expect to turn into like them. But with hope to continue his legacy of self-discipline and wide mind on myself.
To love somebody is hard, it is even harder to need to compromise in love.
Never feel lonely when being alone, and can’t bore me more to gossip. When there is nothing, I prefer to sleep on the tree and enjoy the cool breeze brushing my eyes.
The highest return for our striving is not the compensation, but what will lead us to become.

只看该作者 4楼 发表于: 2018-07-17

When depressed, stay busy is not the solution. If no time to travel, spend the time to visit a park or lake. Think on positive subjects or contact your old buddies.
The young girls as the blooming blossom, but can’t compare with the blossom, for they bloom in each Spring, so cherish the age of blossom.
Your world is yours only, no matter how the others think. The abundance of your mind needs no cultivation from the others.
如果不是心甘情愿,就别去做。人生里面,只有欢喜做,才是幸福。 Don’t do anything that is forceful. In life, only when you are pleased to do, then it is happiness.
From the precipitation of time, we gradually give more weight to the small issues and take less seriously on what used to be considered important.年轻的时候迷信爱恋,中年专心吃苦的攀援,老年才明白安宁才是安乐。
Life when young, love is the main theme, striving becomes the middle age theme, and only toward the older age, one comes to realize stable life is the key theme.
Never blame yourself for not being accompanied.​
What once dazzling can be just as short as fireworks. Messi and Cristiano-Ronaldo, two unprecedented heroes, both hung up the armor for the generation in Russia.

只看该作者 5楼 发表于: 2018-07-17

Overcome the fear, dash through set hurdle. To do what you wish to, like enjoy the view of a mountain peak, love someone you admire and become the unprecedented you.
To have a mature mind can be simple sometimes, all you need to do is to widen your mind.
Stop overly thinking, your imagination will create a problem that was never there at the beginning.
Daily things are boring, hard to get excited about anything. Have two bamboo dumplings today, pretend it is a serious matter.
Once you target a goal, you must endure all preventing you proceed, take action sharply and finish up in details.
Not that I don’t have the temper, just well under control. Not that I don’t love you, just kept in my mind only.
The parting night kissed on the closed eyes of dawn, thus the drunken stars cast out the light.
Love and dependence are different, the dependence can’t be parting from, while love is not ever to leave.
When one denies pursuit meaningless goals and free oneself from the bondage of desire and return back to the simple instincts, can be the tastiest stage of life.
成熟有时也是对于百思不得其解的问题, 不浪费时间。
Maturity can also be wasting no more time over the issues as hard puzzles.
Striving to proceed with all my sweat, for I realize there is no retreat anymore.

只看该作者 6楼 发表于: 2018-07-17
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