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Alibaba Group opened its national office in Malaysia today, marking a new chapter in the company’s deepening strategic cooperation with Malaysia, which is the first eWTP hub outside of China.
Located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur at The Vertical Bangsar South, the new office signifies Alibaba Group’s continued endeavour to bolster the technology capability of Malaysian SMEs and young entrepreneurs, provide support and platforms to assist them to drive exports, as well as offering extensive training programs to help them take advantage of digital innovations and trade opportunities.
“Alibaba’s focus is on three areas when we partner with Malaysia as well as other countries – to digitize our local partners and empower small businesses and young people to go global. Over the past 30 years, only large corporations have benefited from globalisation. Imagine if we can support 60 million small business around the world; this is Alibaba’s vision of an inclusive and sustainable economy,” said Mr. Ma at the Alibaba office opening ceremony in Kuala Lumpur.
“Working closely with the Malaysian government, we will support and empower as many small businesses and young people as possible to use technology to become local kings and benefit from globalisation. This is the beginning of our story in Malaysia and I think Alibaba’s story will be long and we will make this story together,” he added.
Serving as a ‘one-stop solution centre’ for local businesses, the country office is designed to engage with existing local partners, help Malaysian businesses identify global cross=border trade opportunities, as well as to support the country’s technology innovation through cloud computing services.
“I would like to congratulate Alibaba for the opening of its national office in Malaysia. We consider this a shining symbol of China-Malaysia friendship that is based on mutual respect and benefits that augurs well for the cooperation on the part of governments, businesses and people from both countries. We look forward to the opportunities this partnership will bring to Malaysian SMEs and I am confident that the eWTP together with the Digital Free Trade Zone (DFTZ), will encourage more Malaysian SMEs to participate in ecommerce and increase their exports to other countries in Asia and beyond.” said Minister of Finance Malaysia, Yang Berhormat Lim Guan Eng, told guests at the ceremony.
“China and Malaysia have enjoyed a profound friendship and flourishing trade over the centuries. The robust numbers we see about our bilateral trade proves the strength of our economic relations. The launch of Alibaba’s Malaysia office is yet another step to boost a mutually beneficial cooperation between China and Malaysia,” said Mr. Bai Tian, China’s Ambassador to Malaysia, at the ceremony.
In November last year, Alibaba successfully launched its first international eHub in Malaysia under the eWTP initiative, with an emphasis on facilitating exports for Malaysian SMEs and creating the infrastructure to support global trade with services encompassing e-commerce, logistics, cloud computing, mobile payment and talent training.
Since then, various initiatives have been undertaken by Alibaba Group in Malaysia in order to build inclusive and innovative global trading technology infrastructure for local SMEs, including the establishment of Alibaba’s first regional e-fulfilment hub in the KLIA Aeropolis DFTZ Park and the establishment of Alibaba Cloud’s internet data centre in Malaysia - Malaysia’s first global public cloud platform.
Every mistake, every setback, every time people refuse us, I take it as a learning curve.每一次失败,每一次挫折,每一次被别人拒绝,我都把它当作一次训练。

To me, being rejected by people is natural. If you are accepted by people, that's not natural.
If one day I decide to write a book, the name will be Alibaba and 1001 Mistakes.
I never went to a business school for even one day for training. I sent a lot of people for MBA in the past. They were very smart before they went. When they came back, they became stupid.
When people complain they lose opportunities and close their minds.
The world is full of opportunities when it is full of complaining people.
Please pay attention to those who are below 30. In the next 30 years,
pay attention to those companies that have less than 30 people.
People said technology is killing jobs. No, every technology revolution created more jobs than people thought. They created different jobs. This is the opportunity for China and Asia.人们说技术摧毁了就业,我说不,每一次技术革命都会创造更多的就业机会,比人们想象得更多,技术创造出了不同的工作。这是中国和亚洲的机遇。
I think this century is tailor-made. Everything should be tailor-made and smart-made.
Today, if your industry is based on assembly line, standard,
large scale, low cost, low value and low price, you have no future.
In the first technology revolution, the energy was coal. In the second technology revolution, the energy was oil. What is the energy of this century or the next century? That is data. Without data, nothing can be done.
In Asia, we lost our chance in the IT boom time. Today we are in the DT (data technology) time. From IT to DT, the concept is totally different. IT is to make yourself strong, to enable yourself. DT is to enable others.亚洲在信息技术(IT)黄金时代错失发展良机,如今是数据技术(DT)时代。从IT到DT,概念完全不同。IT让自己变强, 赋予自身能力,而DT则让他人变强。
In the past 20 years, we made people like machine. Next 20 years, we will make machine like people. Machines are going to be more powerful and smarter than people.
In the future, if you want to compete with machine to see who is knowledgeable, you have no chance to win. So how should we compete with a machine? I think we should teach our kids culture and value. These are the things that humans can always win machines.
To my understanding,entrepreneur is a socialscientist plus artist, and you need to understand the human being, their behaviors and needs. You have to change yourself. You should be very artistic.
In the next 30 years, it will not be a world of internet companies,
but a world of companies that use Internet better.
It’s not the money that makes the difference. If money can make the difference, there’s no chance for us.
Most of the companies died at the bubble period not because they didn’t have money,
but because they had too much money.
If your company is not ready, but you hire some multinational professionals, then you’re killing yourself. Don’t do that. It’s just like, if you put a Boeing 747 engine in a poor tractor, it’s going to destroy your tractor.
A lot of people love to spend money on equipment and machines, but not on people. Spending money on people, training them, giving them opportunities and sharing with them the mistakes, listening to their mistakes, working together, that will be really good.
If you want to be successful, you should have EQ. If you do not want to lose, you should have IQ. If you want to be respected, you should have LQ, the Q of love. So these three Qs are very, very important for anybody who wants to be successful: IQ, EQ, LQ.

Women care about other people much more than men. Men care about their own power, promotion and pay. But women care for children, parents and husbands. And they know how to change themselves to make sure other people perform better. If you have that quality, you have a chance to win. So I think women leaders in the 21st century are going to be like that.女性比男性更加关怀别人。男人关心自己的权力、升职和加薪。女性照顾孩子、父母和丈夫。她们知道如何改变自己,来确保他人也能好。如果你有这样的品质,你就有成功的机会。所以我认为21世纪的女性领袖会是这样的。
I strongly believe that, if you want your company to be sustainable, hire more women.
For the Internet and for e-commerce in the next 30-40 years, if you want to make your business help others, then the business world is going to be inclusive, the business world is going to be sustainable, and make people happy and healthy. That’s the future. And your business will be great. So happiness and health are the Double H strategy.
对于互联网以及未来30-40年的电子商务来说,如果你想让你的公司去帮助别人,那么整个商业世界都将是包容的。商业世界将是可持续的,让人们感到快乐和更加健康。这就是未来。你的公司将会很棒。所以我将其称之为幸福与健康,即Double H战略。
If you can make your people, your team, your customers happy,
healthy and sustainable, ( your company) is going to be big.
Your today is not decided by your yesterday, but is decided by what you have done 15 years ago. So 15 years later, your life is decided by your today’s efforts.
Life is not about work. You come to this world and it is a journey.
I believe we come to this world for holiday.

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